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Governance & Roadmap

A decentralised exchange that truly belongs to you.
Supported multi-chain platforms:

project youswap

Design Principles

With the launch of Ethereum and smart contracts in 2015, Decentralised Exchanges (DEX) have been gaining traction by allowing crypto holders to exchange/swap tokens with other assets, without relying on a central authority. Since then, the DeFi industry has grown wildly, with thousands of DeFi projects launched, from stablecoins, lending and borrowing, and DEXs.

The current DeFi model faces several limitations such as, single-chain reliance, low scalability, slow speed, swap slippage, high gas fees, to name a few.

Faced with the above pain points, YouSwap was conceptualised to resolve these limitations, and rise above the competition, based on these four main design principles.

Safety. Efficiency. Scalability. Interoperability.


Optimised Uniswap's AMM model and reduced the risk of impermanent loss. By not engaging in funds trusteeship, all funds are safely controlled by users (with private keys and accessible anytime).


In terms of slippage, YouSwap developed an aggregate transaction engine for the optimal swap path. YouSwap's smart contracts has been customised for automatic execution, potentially enhancing ROI for all aspects.


YouSwap processes exchange protocols based on ZK-Rollup, a technical solution based on Layer2. This efficient scalability can realise instant swap/exchanges, incur lower gas fees and operates with various derivative contracts.


Different blockchain networks are isolated as a value system, leading to a development trend of value isolation. YouSwap's technology is built to deliver multi-chain interactions between different public chains, allowing assets on different public chains to freely merge and circulate.

project direction

YouSwap Roadmap

A short summary of YouSwap development, which has been arranged in six phases: Genesis, Columbus, Galileo, Darwin, Faraday, Olympic. Each phase is carefully curated around a set of functions that will be deployed across multiple releases.

Phase 0 - Genesis

  • Launch mainnet on Ethereum Blockchain
  • IDO function made available for YOU token
  • Liquidity Pool mining and staking functionalities online
  • Invite Miners function available
  • Protocol governance YOU token released

Phase 1 - Columbus

  • Launch mainnet on HECO Blockchain
  • Launch mainnet on BSC Blockchain
  • Trade/Swap functions online
  • 1-Click Coin Listing

Phase 2 - Galileo

  • Cross-chain aggregation trade function available
  • Smart mining management system
  • Further development of IDO/IFO products

Phase 3 - Darwin

  • Launch mainnet on TRON
  • Release of YouTreasury (financial development)
  • Deploy ZK Rollup Layer2 scalability

Phase 4 - Faraday

  • Launch NFT Market Segment
  • Develop interoperability for other Layer2 protocols
  • Launch YouDerivatives (financial product)

Phase 5 - Olympic

  • Develop Polkadot underlying cross-chain technology
  • Launch YouPay, a stablecoin transfer service
  • Synthetix protocol bridged for brokerage function
Roadmap Updates
60% Mining Reward, 5% Initial Liquidity, 15% Community Ecological Incentive, 5% Early Investors and 15% Devs, Ops, Marketing


An Innovative Tokenomics Model

YouSwap employs an innovation tokenomics model, with token allocation spread over five mining periods: Genesis, Daybreak, Arthur, Peace, Serenity.

Token Allocation Scheme:

  • Total Supply: 200 Million YOU Tokens
  • 60% Mining Rewards: 120 Million YOU Tokens split across 4 public blockchains
  • Ethereum, HECO, BSC, TRON (Q3 2021)
  • 15% will go to development, marketing, operations
  • 15% can be unlocked for community ecological incentives
  • 5% to early investors
  • 5% released as initial liquidity

Read our whitepaper for the full details:

Read Whitepaper

Youswap whitepaper

YouSwap Whitepaper

This technical whitepaper outlines some of the design decisions behind YouSwap, designed as a new generation of DEX, realizing multi-chain sharing of digital assets by constructing a multi-chain ecological deployment system.

Whitepaper Mechanics:

  • Project design principles
  • Technology base
  • Tokenomics
  • Token burning mechanism
  • Organisation structure and roles
  • Development roadmap
  • Business model and marketing strategy
  • Risk outline

Read our whitepaper for the full details:

Read Whitepaper

Security and audits

User Asset Security

Top priority in the design protocol of YouSwap platform. YouSwap's updated iterative version is completely decentralised, and does not place user assets in custody.

All assets are kept on chain, and users have complete control over personal assets. The smart contract protocol used in the liquidity pool guarantees that users can withdraw/unstake their assets under any circumstances.

Once YouSwap enables the On-Chain Data Availability (OCDA) function of governance protocol V1.0, YouSwap's users will inherit the same level of anonymity and security of the underlying multi-chain blockchain, realising the aim of a fully self-served decentralised platform.

In this DeFi era, YouSwap firmly believes that a trustless system will generate 'more' trust. In fact, how trustless a platform is will become the new criterion in crypto asset trade credibility. This also means that the security and reliability of smart contracts deployed cannot be compromised.

To assure our users of our commitment to security, YouSwap has completed smart contract audits by two different security companies, CertiK and Knownsec.


YouSwap Team

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