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What is the role of the community in your project?
120 million out of 200 million YOU Tokens will be distributed to community such as our infrastructure providers, liquidity providers as well as users who participate in transactions and platform developers, which will be dispersed through mining incentives and community ecological incentives related to future product and services.
How critical do you consider the interoperability between the ecosystems to be to the future of blockchain tech and how are you paving the way to that future?
The success of blockchain technology will come down to how different blockchain networks can interact and integrate. Interoperability is essentially the ability to see and access information across various blockchain systems. YouSwap provides multiple common chain cross-chain aggregation trading functions that integrate cross-chain liquidity and provide derivatives services in risk hedging. YouSwap plans to support cross-chain asset distribution, support ERC20, TRON, BSC, HECO multiple public chains.
Do you have Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any Token Burn Plans to increase the value of Token and attract investors to invest?
The supply of YouSwap has been carefully planned out and calculated to be sufficient for all the usage of YouSwap. YouSwap adapts a trading fee burning system in which we will use ALL the trading fee that was earned from the platform and burn the tokens. All the process is transparent and you can find out more on our webpage. The burning system will cease after 5 years of burning which will result in having half of the total supply burned.
What is the algorithm used by YouSwap? What solves the problem of the blockchain system? How do you manage the algorithm and operate it?
YouSwap builds on the major public chains (ERC,HECO, BSC, and others) and used Layer 2 protocol to resolve the congestion of Ethereum, and enables the cross-chain aggregate transactions across the public chains. By using ZK Rollup technology. YouSwap processes a set of change protocols that has an efficient stability that is able to realise instant exchanges with a lower gas fee — allowing us to carry out various derivative contracts. Also, the function of aggregate transactions allows YouSwap to find the optimal exchange path while applying smart contracts to the liquidity pool, potentially enhancing the ROI. We are enhancing the ROI. We are unable to share the exact algorithm for obvious reasons — but through the above methods, we are able to resolve the issues many other DEXs face. We are building a true decentralised exchange for the future.
What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team lead the market?
Our strongest advantage would definitely be our cross-chain ability and not just in the roadmap but actually live. We started around mid of March 2021 for ETH network, and went live on HECO chain on April 10th 2021 followed by BSC. Another advantage would be burning 50% of total token supply and as we speak, already $37500 USD worth of our YOU tokens have been burned!
How do you solve liquidity issues and how to ensure user asset security?
For liquidity, we are working with multiple strategic partners to buffer. As for security, we are already audited by KnownSec and the reports are attached in our DEX. but just being safe is not enough, we had appointed one of the most popular auditors, Certik, to audit us and the report shall be posted on our DEX soon.
Security is important, how do you ensure your platform and allow users to transact flexibility?
User asset security is the highest priority in YouSwap platform design protocol. YouSwap exchange enables the on-chain data availability (OCDA) function of governance protocol 1.0, it will provide YouSwap users with the same security level as the underlying multi-chain block chain, meaning that YouSwap exchanged can remain anonymous. The updated iterative version of the YouSwap is completely decentralised and does not host user assets. All assets are kept in the chain, and users have full control over personal assets. We have been audited by Knownsec.
What are some partnerships that YouSwap has done?
We have done partnerships with Ethereum, HECO and BSC. You may check out our trading pair listings on our social media platforms!
Can you give a brief overview for tokonomics and token supply? Would there by any form burns and buybacks? What does that aim to achieve for you and does it include any form of scarcity paths such as stake, store, or burn?
60% as a rewards pool, 15% for ecosystems and 5% for early investors, team, operation, marketing and initial liquidity each. 100% of our transaction fee that we will go towards the buyback of YOU token and will be burnt off. You can say that we are more concerned with making our YOU scarce than to get rich!
Are there any incentives for staking and what are the various ways to earn $YOU token and are there any limits to the amount of $YOU I can earn?
You can earn by staking, farming and taking part in campaigns as we are rewarding participants with airdrops. There are no limits to how much you can earn!
Staking is the new trend, what staking options are available for $YOU tokens?
You can only stake YOU & other popular tokens and more choices are coming up!
What is your liquidity Mining Programme about?
Liquidity mining supercharges yield farming. The stimulating usage of the platform increases the value of the token, thereby creating a positive usage loop to attract users. YouSwap liquidity mining program includes a public pool and an intelligent pool. Public pool allows anyone to provide liquidity to the pool, such as DEFI projects, polkadot ecological projects. Intelligent pool is controlled by the smart contract, allowing the controller to respond to the real-time data on the block chain, the token, proportion, exchange rate of the liquidity pool which can be customised.
What is the total supply of YouSwap and where can we buy it?
The total supply of YouSwap’s YOU Token is 200 million. You can buy it on our platform!
What is YouSwap’s main focus?
To increase our interoperability.
Are you a global or local platform? Can anyone use this platform without any restrictions?
We are certainly a global project. We currently have 2 marketing arms — China serving the Chinese Community as well as the rest of the world for the English Speaking community. We will also venture into other language speaking communities , but in the meantime, all are welcome to use our platform!
Is YouSwap safe to use?
Of course! To counter problems such as high transaction fees, slippage problems and web domain hacks, YouSwap will strengthen R&D investment and explore the real decentralised cross-chain technology to realise the intelligent scene of multi-chain integration and create seamless exchange and mutual operation of multi-chain native assets. In order to reduce the transaction exchange sliding point, the aggregate trading engine is developed to find the optimal exchange path. So don’t worry, we are safe.
I’m a new user, how do I operate your platform?
Fret not! We have tutorials on our website and also an article guide!
What services does YouSwap offer?
We offer invitation mining, 1 click token listing, multiple farming pairs and multi chain platforms to suit your financial needs!
What is YouSwap and how are you different from other DEX?
YouSwap was conceptualised with the trading users in mind as we use the function of aggregating transactions to find the optimal exchange path, while applying smart contracts in the liquidity pool to potentially enhance the ROI. Anyone can log on, connect their wallets through our secure website and start trading. Now you’re probably thinking, “how is YouSwap different from other DEX?” YouSwap has the advantages of wide range of capital investment, low slip point, reduced risk exposure of impermanence loss, high real-time trading speed of scalability and low gas cost. Simultaneously, as we apply smart contracts to the liquidity pool, which allows customisation and auto-executive, which potentially enhances the ROI. YouSwap’s aim is the long term and not short term gratification. Not earning a single cent from the platform as we have a strong line of investors, we use EVERY trading fee earned in our platform to induce the burning mechanism.
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