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Introducing YouSwap

A decentralised exchange that truly belongs to you.
Supported multi-chain platforms:

ABOut youswap

Borderless, open, and free

YouSwap is an All-Eco DeFi platform built on multiple public blockchains. We stand by constant innovation to provide you with the best trading experience as your personal decentralised digital assets platform.

Trade and provide liquidity with YouSwap's optimised AMM with integrated resources for liquidity and swap pricing, with low gas fees and an innovative tokenomics model.

Our deployed technology aims to solve the current DeFi issues, where users can enjoy low gas fees, high percentage yield and no hidden transaction fees. Creating a decentralised exchange that is truly belongs to you.

youswap mission

Cross-chain Interoperability: All-Eco Product Portfolio

The current DeFi model faces several limitations such as, single-chain reliance, low scalability, slow speed, blockchain-silos, etc.

YouSwap’s mission addresses these limitations by building true cross-chain interoperability and expand a strong DeFi All-Eco product portfolio.

With a strong product portfolio based on cross-chain interoperability, YouSwap envisions a future of a truly decentralised exchange that is open to everyone.

youswap TEAM

Blockchain Geeks

We are a team of blockchain geeks who believe in the idea of a true DeFi legacy.

By building a strong product and staying focused on decentralising finance, we believe in an open platform that allows individuals to have complete control of their financial assets.

Our team executives are spread globally across Singapore, China, and the United States, with backgrounds from various finance and blockchain industries, forming a diverse group with a unified idea for DeFi.

Partner with us to expand the World of DeFi

As an open platform, we welcome collaborations between organisations and project parties.

Token Listing, Initiating Liquidity Pools, and more!

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$YOU - The Future of DeFi

With an innovative tokenomics model, multiple features and a strong team behind YouSwap, own a piece of the future of DeFi today!

Swap $YOU Tokens and be part of the YouSwap family today!

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