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Yield Farming

Farm and mine at YouSwap with our innovative AMM algorithm and enjoy high APY returns with our CertiK-audited smart contracts. Provide liquidity today!

Invite Miners

Enjoy up to 15% additional hashpower bonus by participating in our Invite Miners referral programme. Invitee receives rewards too. Farm, earn, and share with your friends!


Bridge YOU Tokens from chain to chain with YouSwap's interoperability cross-chain solution, allowing you to stake on multiple chains easily, from ETH-HECO-BSC.

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YouSwap's Design Principles

The world of DeFi has grown tremendously since gaining traction in 2020. Decentralised exchanges still face several issues such as impermanent losses, swap slippage, bottleneck restrictions, high gas fees, and lack of cross-chain options.

Safety. Efficiency. Scalability. Interoperability.
These are the 4 pillars of YouSwap, and our guiding principles.

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We welcome Collaborations.


A dApp platform, CoinLaunch empowers anyone with little to no experience in crypto the instant ability to create their own BSC or HECO-based tokens.

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Project Listing

List your project on YouSwap. YouSwap's Moon Support Programme is here to help you shoot for the moon. We offer several tiers with trade mining, and creation of liquidity pools.

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NFT Platform

Estimated to be ready in Oct'21, YouSwap's NFT Platform will be an on-chain investment management portal for NFTs such as real estate, art collections, etc..

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Partner with us to expand the World of DeFi

As an open platform, we welcome collaborations between organisations and project parties.

Token Listing, Liquidity Pools, and more!

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$YOU - The Future of DeFi

With an innovative tokenomics model, multiple features and a strong team behind YouSwap, own a piece of the future of DeFi today!

Swap $YOU Tokens and be part of the YouSwap family today!

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